Deep learning Steve Paxton`s helix roll`s & other Material for the spine treasures.

Material for the Spine takes as given, that the palette of the mover exists as sensations in the body.

  Helix and other spinal rolls are forms that you learn from within.

As Steve Paxton says : “ I belive after 50 years of work, that it is healthy for the consciousness  to spend time with the body.


„The key to the information is, experiencing shapes. The design of the body has to be shaped from within.
In this 1 & a half year long program, the overall goal is to begin with & stay with a sensorial focus.
 And with that, to learn and to improve the shape of our helix , crescent & other spinal rolls over time.
The aim is to bring inner sensations to conciousness as we practice. Yet each time there will be within the learning time, space for open play/dance improvisation. So as to digest the tasted / learned material .
MFS is a meditative, technical study of spinal and pelvic movement potentials. 
In earlier years at studio Movity, 2023 & 2022, we had the great fortune to have Steve Paxton visiting in, on line, and teaching us, as part of our 4 day course. We will occasionally watch & hear his teachings collected on the Material for the spine DVD.

 We will focus in each segment on a specific topic of Material for the spine.

 As well as, revisit, practice and deepen in the sensations of the leg led and arm led helix rolls.






September 20.-22.2024 : 

  • Introduction to the material. 
  • Walk as foundation.
  • Spine and arms. Bending bone.
  • And the practice of helix rolls begins.


November 29. – 1.2024 Dec:

Special focus points:

  • Weight of sensation .
  • Why standing ? The small dance.
  • The sensation of Ki.
The sensation of Ki  can be felt and applied to the design within the exercises.
Deepening our experience of the helix rolls with other exercises supporting Ki energy sensation.




Januar 17.-19.2025:
The focus on undulations of the spine.
 It is sensorial information of the nature and the size of the spine.
Undulations of the spine brings focus on the extremities of the spine, because they initiate the movement.
For example, when the top of the head is leading, the wave of undulation moves downward in training the vertebrae in sequence.
March  07.- 09.2025 :
Focus points of the weekend :
  • Moving from the center of mass. 
  • Head up crescent rolls & Head & Feet up crescent rolls. 
May 23.-25.2025 :
Special focus with the practice :
  • Tension masks sensation and sensation is the goal.
  • We will observe during our rolls  where we might hold tension and finding ways to release it while rolling.



Advanced modules available to students who have completed 3 or more Groundwork Modules.


July 25.-29.2025 ( 5 days):
Long practice of all rolls mixed with play/dance/improvise with all the material.
  • Possible performance somewhere ? out doors ? at the end of week ?
  • based on Steve Paxton`s materials and group performance scores. 

 September 19.-21.2025 :

 Pelvis as an initiator.
  • Exercises for the ischia & trochanter.
  • Parts of pointing


November 27.-30.2025 ( 4 days ) :
Revisit & Integrate the practice of all materials .
Summarizing personal learnings, experiences ,developments
that happened over the1and half years of study time together.



  • Bio:  Nóra Hajós started her dance studies at age 4 in her native Hungary. For the past 35 years, she has been teaching the art of dance and movement improvisation, as well as creating performances in Europe, USA, Canada and South America.
  • Nóra studied in-depth with the  following teachers, with whom she also collaborated and performed on many occasions: Steve Paxton (the originator of CI), Lisa Nelson (Tuning Scores) and Simone Forti (Logomotion).
    She investigated Steve Paxton`s Material for the spine studies from 1988 onward and continued to study with him for 36 years.  Nóra assisted Steve’s seminars over several summers, at Touchdown dance, Dartington College, England.
  • 2023 & 2024 Steve visited in on line, to add his teachings at Nora`s Material for the spine workshops in Hungary, Switzerland, France, and Canada .
  • Nóra has taught this material over the decades ,in many countries around the world.

 20. Sept – 22. Sept 2024
 29. Nov – 1. Dez 2024
 17. Jan – 19. Jan 2025
 07. March – 09. March 2025
 23. May – 25. May 2025


All GROUNDWORK modules are CHF 280.– each


  • Any 3 GW modules for CHF 780.–
  • Any 4 GW modules for CHF 920.–
  • All 5 GW modules for CHF 995.–
Deepening The Practice

Advanced modules available to students who have completed 3 or more Groundwork Modules.

25. July – 29. July 2025 (5 days)
 19. Sept – 21. Sept 2025
27. Nov – 30. Nov 2025 ( 4 days)



  • 5 DAYS IN JULY 2025 CHF 550.–
  • SEPT DAYS 2025 CHF 260.–
  • 4 DAYS IN NOV 2025 CHF 440.–

You can take all three advanced modules as a package deal for CHF 1025.–

Each workshop will be an exploration of a theme from “Material for the Spine”.

Staying overnight and food will be the participants responsibility , we can arrange and help 😉

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant
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